Impacting lives in Tijuana


Day of the Child – 2014 in the neighborhood of 3 de Octubre

This young girl came up to me and said “I am sorry but I would like to see the History of the REsurrection again because the children that were beside didn’t let me see the movie clearly.”  We have asked her to return so that she can see the movie completely.  God’s Word never returns void.


Family from St. Paul’s Church in the neighborhood known as Maclovio

This young woman named Ramona has gone through a very difficult period in her life.  Her mother was gravely ill and eventually died.  Ramona has been through a tough grief season.  This day she was happy to attend the women’s retreat and she said she was able to participate with tranquility and peace.  We even spent the night in the church and she stayed with her daughter and said she had had such a peaceful sleep too.  We had an opportunity to talk, as women do , to encourage her in her journey with the Lord.  The next day her husband joined her for church, Sunday School and a meal after church.  It is so beautiful to see God work in the lives of people who change when the Lord draws them closer to Him.  We are happy to be part of this beautiful work.


Retreat at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Maclovio

Imelda (pictured above sitting in the recliner)  is a very young woman who is suffering from advanced hip cancer.  She is unable to move without the assistance of a walker or wheelchair and does so with great pain.  She has a 10 year old son and her mother helps her get around.  She was able to be with us for the greater part of the retreat.  She is resigned that she will become increasingly less mobile and is confident that God will heal her whether in this life or the next.  She delighted in being with other women studying God’s Word and how we are called to courageous live the life God gives us. Imelda is certainly doing that.  She gave thanks to God for her life.  Join us in praying for Imelda for God’s provision and love.  Her peace and joy were evident and ask you to join us in praying for her and her family.


Leonardo (pictured above with his truck)…..is a young boy that we have known since his birth.  He does not talk very much but when he received this truck, he was so happy he gave Tere Montoya a hug and a kiss and said with his words: “I am happy”.  What a beautiful encouragement to him and his mother that this gift inspired him to express gratitude!  Please pray for him that he will be able to speak and in that not have problems with school.  Thank you to a preschool mom at Concordia that hosted a birthday party for her boys and asked guests to the part to bring gifts that would go to poor children in Tijuana.  What a beautiful example of giving from abundance to those who have little.

Lupita… She is a young woman who has suffered greatly in her young life because of her mother’s drug addiction.  She has been taken into social service custody twice and now her grandmother has care of her but she is elderly and can no longer work.  She has suffered abuse at the hands of her stepfather and we see in her a great hunger for the things of God.  She was happy to be part of the women’s retreat and reflected on what a life of Courage means for her when God is with her and loves her.  She commented on how much God loves her.  She prays for her brother who was born with consequences of the drugs his mother ingested and suffers many health effects.  Please pray for this young woman together with her two siblings and her grandmother and parents.  We are thankful we get to be an instrument of healing in her life.  God is the Divine Physician and is doing a beautiful work in her life.


The young woman pictured below is a very shy young woman who lives with her grandmother, who by the way is a woman of great faith and actively committed to ministry with the Only Faith, Only Grace Church in Obrera.  She has suffered in her adolescence the separation of her parents and the insults of her paternal grandfather.  She suffers anxiety for the future and worries about her mother who works day and night to provide for their family.  She participated in the retreat and was very happy to learn about Courageous living.  Please pray for her that she can continue in the path of God.


Regalo fundas retiro

The woman pictured below is a member of the Only Grace and Only Faith Lutheran Church in Tijuana.  She is a woman who seeks hard after God.  She has had many problems here in Tijuana.  She is from Bolivia and will return with her 3 daughters and 1 son and will return to her parents with her children.  She spoke of her gratitude to the congregation for taking into their community with such love.  She is grateful for the training in the Word of God and returns to her native country with the Gospel that she will continue to teacher her children in the ways of God and share with her family members in Bolivia.  She learned to become a missionary here in Tijuana and embarks on her first assignment!  Pray for her.



Little Missionaries – Big Blessing

For the Day of the Child celebration, while one group was doing the “Cristo Me Ama” activity on the upper level, children were listening to the Easter story on the bottom level.  We did this old school — with a flannelgraph!  I love flannelgraph!

We had a group from Concordia Church travel to Tijuana to serve at the Day of the Child event. They were missionaries for the day! Thank you Vera Z. Jenica L and her daughters Mia and Addie! Vera told the story to the first group and then little Mia asked to tell the story to the second group.  Mia is a student at a Dual Immersion elementary school so she spends 80% of her time speaking and learning in Spanish!  She told the Easter story in her beautiful Spanish.

I was so moved by her willingness to share with other children the story that she knows is so important for everyone to hear!  The 50 or 60 children that were sitting on the floor were silent. You could hear a pin drop.  Little Mia spoke clearly and happily told the story of redemption.  Thank you Mia!   Thank you Addie and Jenica and Vera.  You are a blessing and on that day, you had an impact on the Kingdom of God.


It was a hot day and even though we were joyful at having served, we were a little worn out at the end of the day.  The famous Mexican “paletas” on our way out of town revived us a bit. YUM!  What a sweet day serving God and His people. I know that Addie and Mia won’t forget their first mission trip. I pray they will seize other opportunities to serve God.



Day of the Child – 2014 The Pillowcase Message

Day of the Child is important in Mexico.  Especially in marginalized areas where families can’t really give their children gifts. That means no birthday gift or Christmas gift.  On the Day of the child there are many celebrations and children can count on a gift and some candy (from a pinata)!

It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to share the Easter story in a fun way.  Our friends from All Saints Lutheran Church in the Seattle area spent weeks sending us boxes of teaching materials, craft materials, small gifts etc for our week of outreach and the Day of the Child.  We are so grateful for their partnership!

We split the group into two with little children in one and bigger children in another. One group would be on the lower level and another group on the upper level of the Community Center. One did the craft and the other listened to the Easter story!  I loved the craft.  It was a pillowcase that had a message communicating a big truth of God.  Tere talked a little about the message to comfort you while you sleep and asked the children to write in large letters with fabric paint:  “Cristo me ama”  That is a beautiful truth to lay your head on and let sink into your consciousness throughout the night! What a beautiful and meaningful craft you folks at All Saints came up with!  It reminded me of Psalm 4:8 which we always prayed with our children in Spanish: “En Paz me acostare y asi mismo dormire porque solo tu Jehova me haras estar confiado.”  In English:  “In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

A funny:  One of the moms with three little children was gushing over the beautiful work of her children and commented.  “Well, now we will have to get you a pillow!”



Retreat for women on Courageous Living

We hosted a retreat along with Pastor Abdiel and his wife Alicia at the San Pablo church in Maclovio, a neighborhood of Tijuana, on the topic of “Courageous Living”

What a delight to host women from the congregation and neighborhood.  They were eager to spend this day in prayer and learning about God.

I was moved by the great example of faith of a young woman with advanced cancer.  She can’t walk unassisted but a recliner had been set up near the front.  Even with that, I could tell she had to move around to rest her body and was probably in pain.  She never complained and was attentive to every word throughout. This beautiful smile never left her face either.  She talked about her faith in God and trust completely in whatever is in store for her. She was thankful for her mother who was with her this day.  Her young son loved his grandmother. She was thankful for this. Her contentment and peace and trust was evident.  I enjoyed just being in her presence.

At the end, we gathered around her to pray for her.  What a beautiful solidarity to appeal to God’s mercy, provision and care together.  What a wonderful day.  The teaching of being courageous no matter what could not have been made clearer than with this young woman’s testimony.


Visit of Adriana

Foto0055Adriana is a young woman who we have known her for some time now. She has been disabled since birth and is a very reserved young woman.  She told us of her solitud and her need for company and friends.  Edificando Generaciones was able to get her a special wheelchair. She was delighted but says that she tries to walk with her crocked feet.  She had participated in a program with the Shriners with a special visa but it was stolen from her and she was unable to continue with the treatment and therapy offered.  She has been befriended by Legna who has become a beloved friend.  Legna encourages and motivates her to live a life of hope.  Her parents love her and her father works as a brick layer to support his family.  Adriana is always in a cheery mood and very expressive. It has been wonderful to journey with this special girl

Foto0056She is learning from God’s word. Please pray for Adriana.


2013-06-17 11.42.27

Josefina is a woman who lives alone y she takes care of her great grandchild and earns a little bit of money by raising birds and selling plants. She has been the woman who has had radical life change by reading God’s Word …. and her preferred method of delivery? The Portals of Prayer in spanish. When she has visitors she asks them to read a particular day to her because she wants them to know the message too. At the group gathering she offers to pray. Now she asks the group at the end of a “portales” which day was their favorite reading and what impression they had of it. She always shares of her experience and especially comments of what she believed and did before she knew God as well and now what she believes and does because God has shown her truth through his Word in the Portals of Prayer.

She comments that she is amazed that she is bold to ask people questions because she was always a very timid woman but once again, she credits that to the power of God in her life.

She is a transformed life living to God’s glory.

Thank you supporters for making sure we have the Portales of Prayer in serving this group of elders.

Christmas is here.

ancianosdiciembretamalesancianosdiciembreWhat a special time to make the true message of Christmas come alive.  The “posadas”…. a reminder of how we are to make room for Jesus is a celebratory time.  We make the most of this time with our outreach groups and it’s a time to recognize God’s blessing and the blessing of all the other things —- friends, provision, health, etc—-that He provides year round. 

One of our elder groups gathered and shared of their talent……yes, I am talking about tamales and champurrado!  They remembered God’s provision and thanked Him.  They remembered friends who were promoted to heaven this year.  They were thankful and I am thankful to make the Gospel message clear and real for these people who are living in their last season of life.

Active in ministry. Meet Susan

Hna Susan

Here is our sister in Christ, Susan. She owns a beauty salon and finds much joy in making women feel confident and beautiful.  She attended our women’s retreat two years ago as well as received spiritual counseling from our ministry collaborator Kathy who is a marriage and family counselor from Washington state.  She has been shepherded at her church, Iglesia Evangelica Luterana de la Sola Gracia y la Sola Fe with much love.  She is active in the church and depends on God and is a wonderful evangelist sharing the Good News with people who come to her salon and family and friends.  She is a member of the Bible Institute and is learning so much about God in His Word and marveling at how generous and God is with us. It has been a joy to see her grow in her faith and faithfulness.  Pray for Susan’s ministry in her community.

Sharing God’s love….sometimes you sing it!

Ministry in Mexico

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A day of firsts.  Edificando Generaciones had never hosted a concert before.  In collaboration with one of our local missions, and a dynamic youth leader, we hosted the “Elegidos” concert.  The CHOSEN ones.  Andres did a good job at assembling a team of musicians and they were excited about serving and ministering in spanish.  Andres hadn’t sung publicly in spanish before and he did a great job.  One of other team members, Alex, prepared a short message of encouragement and did great too.  I love seeing them serve, stretch, move outside of their area of comfort all because they know they are advancing the mission of God. fussetijuana2 fussetijuana elizabethivan

Thank you friends who support the work here in tijuana with the Edificando Generaciones ministry.  Your partnership is so important.  Continue to pray for the work here, the staff and where you are able…..continue to provide financial support! 

Thank you.

Melissa Salomon


Teaching in Tijuana

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Pastor Schmidt is teaching the class on Systematic Theology at the Bible Institute in Tijuana. It is beautiful to see their desire to learn more, understand more to serve more and love more.  I marvel at the intensity of the students and love to see their “Ah-ha” moments as the clarity of a deep point and understanding comes over their faces.


I love to see Pastor as he is painting a picture for the students and creating new ways to communicate a point.  He really focuses in making complex concepts simple.  That is an art. He tackled really important but complex concepts tonight but made sure the students had a clear framework to understand the material…often prefacing the discussion with “not letting their mind get in the way” and not going beyond what Scripture says and ultimately understanding that God is God and we are not and will not understand things perfectly.

The things he tackled today in a nonstop 2 1/2 hours (yes, non stop and fast talking!) were Sanctification, Election and Sacraments!

Thinking about how this will bless the ministries of the students is a beautiful thing….and I know it blesses Pastor Schmidt and it certainly blesses me.